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APC RBC6 Battery

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APC RBC6 Equivalent Replacement Battery

Brand New, Fresh Stock

1 Year Replacement Warranty



What you are buying:


Model: RBC6

Model Description: APC RBC6 Equivalent Replacement Battery Pack

Manufacturer: ExcessUPS

Condition: Brand New, Fresh Stock

Warranty: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! 1 Year Replacement Warranty

Includes: This RBC6 Battery Pack is a complete set, this RBC6 set comes with the fuse installed. Plug and Play installation. No assembly of the battery pack is required.

Compatibility: BP100, BK125, SU1000, SU1000VS, SU1000NET, SU1000RM, SU1000RMNET, SU1000BX120, SU1000X127, SU1000X93, SU700X167, SUA1000, SUA1000US, SUA1000I, SUVS1000

Lifetime Expectancy: 3-5 Years


Benefits of buying the ExcessUPS RBC6 Battery Pack:


1. Always Brand New & Always Fresh Stock

2. High Quality Batteries that provide a long lifetime, dependable reliable performance

3. Battery pack arrives assembled and ready to be installed

4. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! 1 Year Full Replacement Warranty

5. Installation Technical Support by Phone and Email



The RBC6 Battery Pack that we sell is made of high quality long life batteries. These batteries are designed to handle UPS loads and are tried and tested to meet and exceed manufacturer's specifications. The batteries that we sell are the same high quality batteries we install into the UPS systems we offer. By purchasing high quality batteries you are ensuring that your UPS will perform as required during a power outage. Having high quality batteries is having peace of mind knowing that your equipment is protected.


The RBC6 Replacement Battery Pack that we sell is ready to go, plug and play installation. The fuse is already already installed. There is no need to assemble anything. Pull out the old RBC6 and replace it with this new RBC6 and you're ready to go. The batteries in a Smart-UPS can be changed without powering down the UPS, Smart-UPS batteries are hot swappable.


The RBC6 Replacement Battery consists of 2 batteries.

Additional Info

Additional Info

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