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Battery LED’s flashing on a Smart-UPS even after Battery Replaced

by Tony ExcessUPS

“I replaced the batteries on my Smart-UPS, the replace battery light went OFF but the battery charge LED’s are still flashing, what do I do?”

There are several reasons the battery charge LED’s flash, but in this case, the calibration is inaccurate. When the previous battery was coming to the end of it’s life, it wasn’t able to support the protected load for more than 2 minutes. That sets off an alarm in the UPS and it starts blinking the battery LEDs to let you know. The firmware in the UPS has reprogrammed itself with this error.

When you replaced the battery, the UPS sensed the battery was holding a charge and the replace battery light went off, but the UPS really doesn’t have a way of knowing how good this battery is.  So the blinking lights remain to let you know the UPS doesn’t think that it can provide more than two minutes of run time.

In order to clear this error, you need to perform a run time calibration. If you have a newer SUA unit like the SUA750, SUA1000 or the SUA1500 you can try the software calibration feature in PowerChute. If you’d like to perform a manual calibration, that will work as well (some say even more accurately). Make sure to charge the battery to 100%, it’s even better if you let the unit charge for 24 hours.

If you have an older unit like the SU700NET, SU1000NET, SU1400NEt then it’s best to perform a manual run time calibration. The software calibration isn’t as accurate with these units.

Follow the manual calibration instructions to perform this calibration and clear the error.

Once the calibration is complete, the UPS should be reprogrammed with the new run time availability and the blinking lights on the battery bars should disappear.

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