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Panasonic Viera 65″ Plasma 3D HDTV TCP65VT30 Battery Backup

by Tony ExcessUPS

We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries from customers trying to set up a power back up for their Panasonic Viera 65″ Plasma 3D TV. This TV costs over $3,000 brand new, it’s definitely worth investing into a proper UPS to protect the TV from damage caused by surges, voltage spikes, over voltage, power sags, brownouts and power failure.

Panasonic VIERA 65" 3D Plasma Tv Power Protection

The power consumption for the TC-P65VT30 is 159W. This plasma TV doesn’t need a huge UPS, but it definitely needs a good high quality one to keep it protected.
A UPS like the Smart-UPS 700 will do the job perfectly. This is a line interactive UPS, maximum capacity of 450W, offering power boost (AVR Boost), power drop (AVR Drop), surge protection, power filtering and  run time.

For example, for the Plasma TV alone, this UPS could provide 28 minutes of run time. When it comes to TV’s, you’re not really going after the run time, you should be more concerned with the power filtering and enough capacity to protect all the equipment. If the power fails, you have a few minutes to safely shut down the TV, or if you must, finish the next 20 minutes of the show.

APC Smart-UPS 700 SU700NET

Like most people, you probably have a DVR System, home theatre system, a blu ray player and some other cool devices. You can also plug these in to the UPS to make sure they’re protected. Keep an eye on the wattage consumption of the devices to make sure you’re not going to overload the UPS. A UPS shouldn’t have more than 80% load.


If you’re a power user with a big variety of devices then make a list of the devices and add up the power consumption. On the back of the devices near the power cord there will be a label with the consumption. Also, you can look on-line for for this information.

Example list of devices and their power consumption ratings:

1. PlayStation (380W)

2. Sony 3D Blu-Ray Player (22W)

3. Sony Home Theatre (130W)

4. Cable Receiver (150W)

5. Plasma TV (159W)

Total = 841

* These numbers are the maximum the device can consume. During normal operation, the devices will probably consume less than that. My guess is we’d be running at around 650-700W.

With the above set up, the Smart-UPS 700 would not suffice.  The needed battery backup for this set up would be a Smart-UPS 1400 (950W). If you have less than what’s described above, you can go with the Smart-UPS 1000 (670W). Check your configuration to make sure you’re getting the right UPS. It’s better to size a slightly bigger UPS for the job than not have enough capacity.

If you need help figuring out which UPS is needed for your home theatre system, get in touch with us and we’ll get you the one you need!



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