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 PW5125-2400 Eaton Powerware 5125 Rackmount UPS 2400VA Zoom


Eaton Powerware 5125 Rackmount UPS 2400VA PW5125-2400

Eaton Powerware 5125 Rackmount UPS 2400VA
Model: PW5125-2400
Online Double Conversion 2400VA / 2250W, 120V, 208V,230V
Refurbished with New Batteries
1 Year Extended Warranty Included
Capacity 2400 VA (2250 Watts)
Model # PW5125-2400
ABM technology significantly increases battery service life 
Buck and Double Boost voltage regulation corrects voltage fluctuations and delivers pure sine wave output
Extendedruntime capability with Extended Battery Modules (EBMs)
Load segments maximize runtime for critical devices
Hot-swappable batteries simplify service
Space saving 2U rack height

Msrp Price: $503.99


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Manufacturer:  Eaton Powerware 5125 Rackmount UPS 2400VA
Model: PW5125-2400 Refurbished
Condition: Refurbished with New Batteries
Part Number: PW5125-2400
Warranty: 1 Year Extended Warranty, additional warranty available

The PW5125-2400 is refurbished and comes with fresh new batteries. The PW5125-2400 comes with a one year replacement warranty. Additional warranty of up to 3 years is available for your convenience.

PW5125-2400 Specifications:


Electrical Input

Nominal Voltage

120 Vac (user-selectable for 100, 110, 120, and 127 Vac
See Model Selection Guide

Power Ratings

700 - 2000VA; See Model Selection Guide

Voltage Range

80 - 144V (without using batteries)

Input Power Factor

>.95, typical


50/60 Hz, autosensing

Frequency Range

45 - 65 Hz

Electrical Output

On Utility Voltage Regulation

+/-3% of nominal

On Battery Voltage Regulation

+/-3% of nominal


89 - 92%, depending on load

Frequency Regulation

+/- 3 Hz online; +/- 0.1 Hz on battery

Load Crest Factor

3 to 1 ratio


Internal Battery type

Sealed, lead-acid; maintenance free
700/1000VA: (2) 12V, 9 Ah
1250-2000VA: (4) 12V, 9 Ah

EBM Battery Type

PW9125 24 EBM: (8) 12V, 9 Ah
PW9125 48 EBM: (8) 12V, 9 Ah

On Battery Runtime

See Battery Runtimes

Battery Replacement

Hot-swappable internal and external batteries

Recharge Time

<2 hrs. from complete discharge to 80% capacity at nominal line conditions


Allows start of UPS without utility iinput


Serial Port

RS-232 communications port standard

Communications Cable

6-foot communications cable included

ConnectUPS-M SNMP Module (Optional)2

SNMP card adds direct control and monitoring capabilities in SNMP-based networks

RS-232 Multi-Port Module (Optional)2

Equipped with (6) communications ports to provide serial communication to multiple devices

USB Module (Optional)2

Allows UPS to communicate with Windows 98 computers via USB port; factory-installed option only



True online, double-conversion


Full system self-test on power up

UPS Bypass

Automatic on overload or UPS failure


34 lbs

Environmental and Safety

Safety Markings

UL, CSA, and NOM

EMC Markings

FCC Class B and VCCI Class II

Surge Suppression

IEEE/ANSI C62.41 Category B (formerly 587)

Audible Noise

<45 dBA (on utility); <50 dBA (on battery)

Storage Temperature

0o to 25o C (32o to 77o F)

Relative Humidity

5 to 90%%, non-condensing


Meets NEC code 645-II intent and UL requirements

Network Transient Protector

In and out jack for telephone/modem protection of 10Base-T network cable; UL497A tested


Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer Eaton Powerware
Form Factor Rackmount
Waveform in Battery Mode Pure Sinewave
Input Voltage No
Output (VA) No
Output Voltage No
PDU Total Outlets N/A

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